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I am humbled by the words of this book. I have a strong passion for my children to grow up having a relationship with Christ. It has enriched me with ideas and tugged on my heart strings to be even more of a Christian example for my children. It has shown me more ways to "live" out my faith in front of them. Thanks so much for the time & energy that you guys put into this ebook. I look forward to participating in the family challenge. —Angela Tichenor



Church Tools for the 4/14 Family Challenge
Churches have a strategic opportunity to reach out to families in practical ways. The family is under tremendous pressure today, but just as God pursued the first broken family in the garden, we must pursue hurting families today.

All families experience brokenness and the solution, of course, is the redemptive power of the gospel applied to the hearts of people. As we disciple individuals in their roles and relationships in the family, great things happen. In fact, churches can provide structures and support for families to grow and serve together.

Here are some ideas you might use to be on the front lines of the 4/14 Family Challenge as a church leader.

1) A Facebook Group is available for Family Ministry Church Leaders to help them interact with others who are seeking to equip families through the local church. This group is by invitation only, so please click on “Join Group” to proceed. The group is a place for pastors and other church leaders to discuss practical tools and find solutions to the challenges faced in being a family equipping church today.

2) Maybe you’d consider putting a badge on your site to identify yourself with the 4/14 Family Challenge.

3) We are looking for churches who might be interested in organizing a 4/14 Family Challenge conference in their church for their community. This is a unique conference that uses local Christian Community talent to present workshops. These conferences aren’t just events. They recognize that family development requires a process and they increase the effectiveness of the local Christian network to empower families over several years. Learn more here.

4) Send families to the to sign up and receive a weekly email about being a spiritual leader in their home.

5) Find specific resources to help you develop your family ministry at these sites:
National Center for Biblical Parenting - Check out the 4 levels of Family Ministry.
Family Time Training - Learn ways to equip parents to pass the faith on to their kids.
Email Ed Miller who heads up a team of Family Ministry Consultants. He can help you set up an appointment with one of them free of charge.
Sign up for a Family Ministry Consultantation here.

The 4/14 Family Challenge isn’t about one organization or ministry. More and more churches and ministries are joining the movement. We welcome you to be part of the 4/14 Family Challenge movement.